What Kind of Onion for Burger?

Anyone who likes a good burger knows that it’s not only the beef contributing to the flavor. A good burger starts with the onion. Onions are known to possess a tangy taste that perfectly combines with beef. The same onion that makes you cry by stinging your eyes can also make you tear up over a good burger.

However, not every kind of onion can make a delicious burger. Although taste is relative, there is no doubt that a specific type of onion can truly enhance the taste of a certain kind of burger. Furthermore, preparing the onions also implements the depth of flavor you can get. The taste of the onion changes with its type and how it’s prepared.

The question is, what kind of onion for burger would be best? Let’s find out.

5 Kinds of Onions Used for Burgers

Since taste can differ from one person to another, there is no conclusive opinion on which onion is the best. However, you know your taste best, so you need to decide what kind of onions you would like. Let’s look at the kinds of onions you can use.

Yellow Onions


The most common type of onion is the yellow onion. Yellow onions have a high sugar content and can taste strong and hit the senses when eaten raw. However, the onion simmers down to give a sweet flavor as it cooks.

Yellow onions are most commonly used in dishes that require a long cooking time, such as stews or roasts. Consider using the yellow onion for your burger if you desire a sweet taste, or add it raw if you want a solid tangy flavor.

Sweet Onions


Sweet onions are the go-to onions when making onion rings or for eating raw. Sweet onions have a mild sweet flavor, which can be grilled to add a smoky flavor to your burger. Sweet onions maintain their shape, making them an excellent choice if you want to feel the crunch of biting into an onion slice.

White Onions

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White onions are known for their crispiness, perfect for Mexican dishes like tacos or salsa. White onions have a strong and sharp taste that is not very sweet, so they are seldom used raw. Instead, they are often diced and sauteed before adding to the burger.

Red Onions


The red onion is unique in its purple skin and stands out from the rest. The red onion gives the burger a pepper taste and a bright color. Although it tastes great when grilled, it is most commonly used raw to get an extra crunch in the burger.



Shallots have a sweet taste that does not over-power the taste of the meat and is perfect for almost any recipe. While onions usually bring a bit of a punch to the burger, shallots are the ideal choice if you’re not a fan of a strong onion taste but enjoy a hint of it in the burger.

Shallots are so mild that several medium shallots would equal one small yellow onion. Anthony Bourdain, the celebrity chef, further highlighted the superiority of shallots by saying that it was an essential ingredient for any great restaurant.

Three Ways of Preparing Onions for Burgers

There are many different ways of using onions on your burgers, and depending on how to prepare them, a different taste from the same burger can be achieved.


You can slice, dice, or sliver raw onions and add them to your burger as-is. Using a couple of raw onions can give your burger a classic taste. If you don’t want the onions to be too strong, submerge them in cold water for 15 minutes before cutting them. If you want an extra kick from the onion, add salt or lemon to enhance its flavor.


You can heat the onion on low flame to give it a smoky flavor, and it can be prepared in 5 to 15 minutes. The more you heat the onion, the softer it gets.

Sauté and Caramelize

You can sauté the sliced or diced onion in a pan with olive oil and pepper until appropriate browning is achieved. You can also add garlic to the mix to get an extra kick.

To caramelize the onion, you have to heat it longer and slower on a low flame, making sure not to char or burn the onions. The sugar seeps out of the onion and turns into caramel, giving the onions a sweeter taste.

What To Consider When Making Your Choice

What kind of onion for a burger is the best? The choice is relative to your taste. So first, you need to figure out what kind of onions you like.

  • Choose the yellow onion if you want a sweet, caramelized taste.
  • Choose the red onions if you enjoy the taste of raw onions.
  • Choose the white onion if you prefer the taste of sauteed onion.
  • Choose the shallots if you are not a big fan of onions but enjoy them in your burger.

Our Final Thought

There is no conclusiveness in what kind of onion is best, as that is entirely a matter of taste, and taste is relative. However, if you go by popular demand, then yellow onions are the people’s choice. Yellow onions are versatile and easy to use, whether used raw or saturated. However, try different onions before making your final choice.

What kind of onion for burger is best? Well, that’s entirely up to you and your tongue to decide. Make your choice and stick to it. You know what you like best.

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