What is the Best Burger in the World?

Is it the one from the Gott’s in California, or does it belong to the BBI in Berlin? What is the best burger in the world, after all?

The hamburger has a strong association to the USA, and it has turned into a food staple throughout the country. However, one of the many stories about the advent of hamburgers in America, is that it was immigrants from Hamburg, Germany, who introduced this food to the USA. For this reason, you might expect the hub of the best burgers to be either Germany or America, right?

In this blog, we will be covering a number of spots around the world that are famous for their burgers.

What is the Best Burger in the World?

1) Bleeker (London, England):

Burger enthusiasts will certainly love the plate of juicy goodness offered at the Bleeker in London. The owner, Zan Kaufman, has decided to name the restaurant after her favorite street across Manhattan. Bleeker has been recognized as London’s best burger spot – not once, but twice – by the entertainment and media company, Time Out London.

The idea for Bleeker came about when Kaufman tried out a burger during her time in New York. She was so inspired by this experience that she decided to drop everything and move over to London, and start her burger joint. Her determination and passion really shines through in her burgers, especially the flagship Bleeker Black.

2) O Talho (Lisbon, Portugal):

O Talho is committed to refining and, ultimately, perfecting the skill of meat cooking. For this reason, you can expect the restaurant’s burgers to be topnotch in terms of cooking, quality, and taste.

They have transformed this art into a science, and this transformation allows them to ensure consistency and uniformity in their offerings.

3) Raoul’s (New York, USA):

Situated at Soho in Lower Manhattan, Raoul not only offers a Parisian ambience, along with one of the most sought-after burgers in the world. Raoul has had to restrict their burger production – else, they would never have been able to cater to the skyrocketing and constantly-increasing demand. The restaurant only prepares 12 burgers each night, which makes the samplings quite competitive.

The flagship Raoul’s burger is aptly called ‘The Burger’, and contains large amounts of briskets, along with sprinkles of salt and peppercorns. It is served with peppery greens, cornichons, and sliced red-onions – all placed on a challah roll. The cognac-and-cream au Poivre sauce that accompanies The Burger is unparalleled in its sumptuousness.

4) Gott’s (California, USA):

This Napa roadside stand is the very epitome of a USA diner experience. The burgers are delightfully juicy, and will require a Gott’s malt or shake to be effectively washed down. While the garlic fries, too, are worth dying for, they might not be the best choice if you want to make the road trip to San Francisco – especially if you will be eating the whole thing all by yourself.

Located on the drive between San Francisco and Napa, Gott’s is the ideal stopover for anyone looking to enjoy a toothsome burger under the soothing Californian sun. In addition, Gott’s offers a number of other desirable food options that place the restaurant significantly above any typical drive-through.

5) Gordon Ramsay Burger (Las Vegas, USA):

When someone as renowned as Gordon Ramsay is associated with a restaurant, it is just fair that customers walk in with the highest of expectations – and, it is safe to say that this Vegas restaurant does not let them down. This is Ramsay’s third establishment in Las Vegas, and is insanely popular, especially among visitors staying at the Hollywood Planet.

The Devonshire butter dunking and the open-flame prime cuts are just two of the things that make this restaurant stand out from the crowd (apart from Gordon Ramsay’s name, of course).

6) BBI (Berlin, Germany):

A tiny store in Neukölln, BBI can certainly make a burger and a half. The patties have been kept quite thin so that a number of other delicious fillings could be accommodated. However, do not make the mistake of assuming that the patties lack in flavor – this could not be farther from the truth.

Even though the fries are also incredibly good, they COULD be a slight overkill, which is why we recommend skipping them if you are going for the burger. Also, to make the most of your experience, you could consider taking your burger and going up to Paul-Linke or Maybachufer to munch in peace.

7) The Ozersky Burger (Dallas, USA):

You are probably aware that Dallas has a booming food scene, which means that any restaurant that is ranked as the best burger place in the city must be something special. The Ozersky Burger, named after Josh Ozersky (the burger aficionado who preferred very simplistic meals), has managed to achieve this feat.

Staying true to Josh Ozersky, the restaurant does not dish up anything unique or special – the Ozersky Burger has simply mastered the art of serving a basic burger to perfection: the beef used is perfectly clean, the red onions have been sliced to the perfect level of thinness, and the addition of pickles makes the overall balance and execution…perfect.

8) Burgerz (Scheveningen, Netherlands):

Burgerz operates under the principles of freshness, purity, and responsibility – everything, from the patties to the sauces –is produced in-house, in order to ensure premium quality. Sustainable farms and quality livestock are used for the meat, and the process of converting the meat into patties is artisan, to say the least. The buns, although not prepared in the shop, are made in a local bakery, which means that Burgerz also contributes to its community.

You can go for the cheeseburger, or try your hand at one of Burgerz’ more innovative creations. In addition, the restaurant also offers vegetarian and vegan options for those looking to cut down on meat consumption.

Prepared using high-quality ingredients, and without any flavorings, or frozen or colored products, this is one of those rare burgers that tick almost all the ‘health’ boxes.

Our Final Thoughts:

To sum up, regardless of where burgers originated, the food has spread far and wide into the world. Today, you can find succulent, mouth-watering burgers in so many places in so many countries, and this article has barely managed to scratch the surface.