Veggie Burger Recipe

A veggie burger is a meatless variation on the classic hamburger. A veggie burger patty is not made of meat but instead made of ground grains, nuts, seeds, tofu, or other ingredients. Variations of veggie patties have existed in the cuisine of the Eurasian region for a millennium in many forms. One such form is in the form of koftas or kebabs, especially popular in South Asian Cuisine. Even though Kebabs and koftas are made of meat in many Eurasian regions, they can also be made of plant-driven proteins and legumes.

The term ‘veggie burger’ was invented by Gregory Sams in 1982 and was a part of the menu in Sam’s natural food restaurant. Paul Wenner also claims to create this burger using the name ‘Gardenburger.’ Wenner ran a vegetarian restaurant in the 1980s in Oregon.

So, if you prefer meatless food options, the veggie burger is an excellent alternative to the famous hamburger.

Making your veggie burger can be an excellent, wholesome meal that is quick to prepare and nutritious. Making your veggie burger at home is a healthier option than eating one in a restaurant. Without further ado, let’s dive and see an easy veggie burger recipe that you can try at home.

Veggie Burger Recipe

Black Bean Burgers

These black bean burgers require a cooking time of 10 minutes and a preparation time of 20 minutes. This recipe makes dairy-free, vegan burgers that are easily freezable.

To Make Burger Dressing:

Mayonnaise, ketchup, and cayenne pepper.

To Serve:

Sliced red onions, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, and burger buns

To make the patty, you will need olive oil, leek, mushrooms, thyme, tofu, kale leaves, mustard, oat bran, brown rice, walnuts, or hazelnuts, canned black beans, and flour.


  • Heat a large frying pan and drizzle olive oil. Once the pan is hot, fry the mushrooms, leek, thyme, and the kale for five minutes. Add in canned black beans, tamari, and mustard, and stir the mixture. Transfer this mixture to a blender or food processor and pulse a few times. Please make sure not to over blend the mixture as it should be chunky in texture, Scoop the mixture in a bowl, add the nuts and boiled rice, and mix well.
  • Divide the mixture into portions and form thick patties. The patties should be even-sized and made using your hands. Put some flour on a plate. Roll the patties in the flour and coat them thoroughly. Set aside.
  • To make the burger dressing, mix the mayo, ketchup, and cayenne pepper together.
  • Fry the patties in a frying pan lightly drizzled with olive oil. Fry the patties for 405 minutes on each side until they are crispy on the outside.
  • Lather the buns with burger dressing, and put the patty on the bun, top with tomatoes, onion, and lettuce. Cover with the top half on a bun and enjoy.

Green Burgers

This Green Burgers recipe requires a cooking time of 20 minutes and a preparation time of 30 minutes. It is pretty simple to prepare and makes delicious and healthy burgers. You can also quickly freeze these burgers by making them ahead of time and heating them when needed.


Olive oil, spinach, finely chopped onions, dried breadcrumbs, fresh nutmeg, parmesan cheese, eggs, and plain flour.

To Serve:

Whole wheat burger buns, thickly sliced tomatoes, ketchup or any other relish, and sweet potato fries


  • Begin by heating a frying pan and lightly drizzling it with love oil. Fry the chopped onions in this pan until the onions are soft and brown. Leave onions to cool.
  • Next, put the spinach in a food processor until it is finely chopped. Add the cooled onions to the spinach and the breadcrumbs, nutmeg, and cheese. Mix these ingredients. Then add the egg a little at a time until all the mixture starts developing texture and holds together.
  • Divide the mixture into different sections and form patties with your hands. The patties should be thick and even.
  • Next, put some flour in a shallow bowl and coat the patties in the flour. At this point, you can proceed to fry the patties in olive oil until crispy, or you can freeze them to prepare later. If freezing, make sure to store the patties in the aplastic container between layers of baking paper.
  • When frying the patties, place them in hot oil and fry for five minutes on either side.
  • Serve your burgers in whole-wheat buns with slices of tomatoes, dressing, and sweet potato fries.

The Veggie Burger Popularity

These days veggie burgers are all the rage and for good reason. These veggie burgers resemble the traditional burger but are meatless alternatives. So, if you plan to limit meat in your diet or become vegetarian entirely, these burgers are a great idea. Plant-based burgers and veggie burgers share the same feel and texture as regular burgers and taste a lot like meat burgers.

Also, consuming homemade burgers is a healthier alternative than eating out, even for veggie burgers. This is because when you make your burger yourself, you know exactly what is in your burger. Making veggie and plant-based burgers at home requires practice. You need to get the texture of the patty right and make sure it sticks together while cooking since it is standard for the patty to fall apart while in the frying pan.

Our Final Thoughts

The right veggie burger recipe will make you delicious and delightful burgers. The veggie burger recipe discussed in this blog hopes to do that. Once you get your veggie burger right, you will notice the meaty texture and savory flavor. When your veggie patty is stuffed inside a moist burger bun and topped with dressing and accompaniments, you really cannot tell the difference between a veggie burger and a meaty burger. Homemade Veggie burgers are easy to make and packed with nutritional benefits.

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