Smash Burger Recipe

We have the butter burger, the burger with the egg on top, a burger drowned in cheese, gourmet burgers, and even Beyond Burgers with plant-based patties. However, we believe in the power of the original burger. So let’s go back to where it all began.

The Smash Burger has no match. It leads in a category of its own. This can be attributed to its simplistic nature. You do not need to worry about the aesthetic appeal of this burger. The whole point of Smash Burger is how messy it is.

Smash Burgers, as the name suggests, look a tad bit smashed. That is because they are made using irregularly shaped buns and patties that have been smacked onto the skillet with no time wasted on shaping.

Not much seasoning goes into the making of this patty; all you need to do is make sure it is cooked through, and you are good to go. Keep reading for a Smash Burger recipe that will blow you away.

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Are Smash Burgers Worth the Hype?

Yes, they are. We can say this with confidence.

This is because we have had our fair share of burgers. We have tasted the wonkiest burgers and sampled the most gourmet ones. We will let you in on a little secret…

Smash Burgers knock the ball right out of the park!

How can you ensure the best Smash Burger every time you cook it? Make sure you have the best quality meat. Since the meat is not overly seasoned, it needs to taste just right. Investing in excellent quality means you will have a mouthwatering burger every single time.

Smash Burgers are usually smashed onto the grill. This allows them to cook in their own juices. Every single drop of that fat is sucked back into the burger. That’s what makes it so great!

Why the “smash” in the Smash Burger recipe?

The Maillard Reaction

The reaction that everyone’s been talking about—the talk of the town. Let’s talk about it!

The Maillard Reaction occurs when foods rich in protein come into contact with a high heat level. This heat breaks down their chemical compounds, breaking further, continuing the process.

Long story short, this is what creates a “browning” on your food.

So why not just let it be? Why not let the burger sit on the stove and take its sweet time to brown?


When burgers are smashed, their contact with the heat is accelerated. The heat seeps through and spreads into the burger evenly. It does not burn one layer of the burger. It simply browns it up as a whole so that you get a crispy bite every single time.

Time It Right!

Make sure you smash your burger at the right time. A smash burger recipe that miscalculates the time of “smashing” will result in a burger that falls apart.

When you cook a burger, the protein is quite loose for the first few seconds. If you smash it in the beginning, it will help the juices escape, which will make for great taste.

After some time, the protein starts to solidify. It is why a burger smashed near the end falls apart on the skillet.

Make sure to invest in a good cast-iron skillet. A burger smashed onto a grill will fall apart, no matter when it is smashed!

A Homemade Smash Burger Recipe With Class!

Your Smash Burger recipe does not have to be caught between the categories of classy or homemade. It can be both!

What You Need

These are the ingredients you will need for your recipe. Make sure to work with only the freshest of ingredients and avoid using meat that has been sitting in the fridge for far too long.

  1. 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil
  2. Around 18 ounces (approximately 500g) of ground beef
  3. Fresh cheese slices
  4. Brioche buns (toasted)
  5. Salt and pepper
  6. Jalapenos, pickles, onion slices, or tomatoes… basically any topping you like!
  7. Cast-iron skillet
  8. Prepared aioli

How To Prepare

Following our recipe to the T is not the way to go. You can add a unique twist! Everyone adds their spin on the Smash Burger, and the taste differs depending on who cooks it. However, it is important to note the general guidelines that will save you from a burnt burger or one that falls apart.

Step 1

Get a cast-iron skillet that is big enough to hold two patties. Brush it down with oil and leave it on medium heat. While it is heating, prepare your patties. Scoop up some meat with your hands (make sure you take enough to work towards a thicker patty) and shape it so that it is slightly cylindrical. Make a couple of patties and leave them to rest on the side.

Step 2

Raise the heat under the skillet until it starts releasing smoke. Place your patty on the skillet and season it with salt and pepper.

Step 3

Make sure you SMASH the patty in the first 15 seconds! You can use a spatula to press down until it is properly flattened.

Step 4

Let the patty cook for a bit. Once browning, use the same spatula to push under it (you will experience some resistance). Make sure to fight against the resistance (don’t worry, it is due to the crust formation), and once you have scraped it up, flip it.

Step 5

Season the side facing up with salt and pepper.

Step 6

Add cheese slices on top of your patty (you can add one or two, depending on how cheesy you like your burger). Let the cheese melt.

Step 7

Cook until the patties are fully done. The better the patty is cooked, the richer the flavor.

Step 8

Remove the patties. Toast your brioche buns if they haven’t been toasted yet. You can toast them in the same juices used to cook the patty. When the buns are fully toasted, add the patties to them and top them with the toppings of your choice. If you want to add aioli sauce or simply ketchup and mustard, feel free to do so! Your burger, your choice!

Final Thoughts

A burger is incomplete without its meat, and the quality of meat decides how good the taste turns out to be. Try to opt for the best meat and closely examine the grinding of your protein. At times, incorrect grinding may ruin the patty.

So there you have it. A Smash Burger Recipe that offers you both class and the homemade touch. Doesn’t it take you back to the best Smash Burger you have ever tasted?

Don’t forget to call your friends and let them taste test this recipe!

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