Egg Burger Recipe

Ever since the hamburger was developed for fast, easy eating, it has been a staple and a favorite. Over time, different variations of the classic hamburger have come about. These include fried chicken burgers, egg burgers, fried eggs placed on beef burgers, and fish fillet burgers. Fried eggs placed on burgers became popular as a breakfast food. The traditional burger was enjoyed with a fried egg and bacon topping by burger lovers.

If you want to avoid the meat, you can also enjoy a meatless egg burger. In this variation, the egg replaced the patty. There are several ways you can cook your egg and place it in the burger. This includes fried egg sunny side up, fried egg flipped over, or poached egg. You can also add fried onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes as toppings.

Let’s look at some egg burger recipes below to try at home for a quick breakfast or perhaps lunch or dinner.

The Simple Egg Burger

The simple egg burger is a creative twist to the traditional hamburger. In this variation, you replace the beef patty with an egg. You can use toppings of your choice and assemble the contents between the buns just like any other burger. This burger is a great option if you take a break from consuming meat or are a vegetarian.

To make the egg burger, you need an egg, a pinch of salt and pepper, one slice of cheese, one hamburger bun, sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, and lettuce.


Season a skillet with some butter and heat it. Break an egg over the skillet and break the yolk with your spatula. Season the egg with salt and pepper. Turn over the egg until it is fully cooked. Place a slice of cheese on the egg until the cheese is melted.

Warm the hamburger buns and layer them with a topping of choice. This can include tomato ketchup and mayonnaise or any other sauce. Place your egg and garnish as desired. Cover the other half of the bun to assemble your burger.

Poached Egg Burger

This recipe, if prepared correctly, makes a delicious breakfast burger. The traditional beef patty is topped with caramelized onions, classic cheese, and a runny poached egg. This burger is warm, toasty, and buttery, making it the perfect indulgence. The egg gives the burger texture while the sautéed onions give it a smokey flavor, and the beef patty makes it juicy. This recipe can easily be prepared on a stove if a skillet is not available.

You will need ground beef, smoked Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, poached egg, and burger buns. If a poached egg is not your preference, you can also replace it with an over-easy fried egg. The runny yolk makes the burger all the more delicious.


  • Start by seasoning your meat with salt and pepper. Mix the meat well and heat your grill or skillet to medium heat. Grill your patties for up 2-5 minutes until they are well seared. Flip the patties over and grill for another 2-5 minutes. Place slices of cheese on the patties until they melt.
  • Once the patties are done cooking, remove them from heat and let them rest. In the meantime, cook the eggs. You can cook the eggs as you prefer, fried or poached but make sure they have a runny yolk.
  • Next, caramelize your onions in butter.
  • To assemble the burgers, apply a sauce to the bun. This can be chili garlic sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, or any other sauce of choice. Add lettuce and a slice of tomato if you prefer. Next, place your patty. Gently place the egg over the patty. Make sure not to break the egg when placing. Top with caramelized onions. Place the top half of the burger bun to complete the burger.
  • A good tip is to prepare the caramelized onions before you start working on the burgers.
  • You can easily prepare your own caramelized onions on a skillet in a few minutes. Heat your skillet and add some butter. Add a slice of red onions and allow some time to let them brown. Once your onions have begun to brown, add soy sauce, brown sugar, and whiskey to the mixture. Continue cooking the onions for a few minutes until the onions are soft, and then season with salt and pepper.

Expert Tips

  • Your burgers can kick up a notch by adding hot sauce as a secret ingredient.
  • If you are preparing your burger patties on the frying pan, it’s better to grill the bacon and fry the eggs on the frying pan too. Toasting the bun on the same pan also adds more flavor.
  • Another useful tip when preparing burger patties is to season the patties lightly. If you add too much seasoning, you will have dense burgers.
  • Beef with high-fat content tends to shrink when grilled. When preparing your burgers, use beef that is not leaner than 80-85%.

Our Final Thoughts

The egg burger recipe discussed above is surely a twist on the classic hamburger. Egg burgers are delicious breakfast items. You can enjoy a warm, delicious egg burger topped with bacon in the morning with a steaming mug of tea or coffee. Not only is this breakfast filling but also healthy. Using buckwheat or potato buns is also a good option if you avoid wheat. Placing a poached or fried egg on the traditional hamburger also adds flavor and texture to the burger. This is also an excellent way to enjoy a burger. Add additional bacon or caramelized onion toppings and a splash of hot sauce, and indulge in the delicious treat.