How to Cut Onions for Burgers

Do you like burgers? What about burgers bursting to the brim with fresh vegetables? Cutting up vegetables to stack in between burgers is an art. If you are even a tiny bit inclined towards burgers, you will do well to learn this art form!

Are you wondering about how to cut onions? For burgers, many kinds of slices are as good an option as any.

Are you craving a fresh, homemade burger?

Do you shy away from holding a knife over your veggies?

How to Cut Onions for Burgers

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Grab your knife and get cutting

How to Cut Onions for Burgers

By 2021, the U.S. per capita consumption of onions shot up to 20.5 pounds. Tomatoes have been a favorite amongst the U.S. population, but so have onions. They are the top-most consumed vegetables in the United States.

Treat your onion right, and it will not make you cry!

When an onion is cut, the cell walls confined within its skin break. This leads to fumes that emit from the onion and get in contact with the liquid in your eyes. The best way to escape the burning fumes is to cut the onion in a manner where contact with this substance is limited.

Work with the onion quickly, and after you are done, clean any surface it comes in contact with.

Ways to Cut Onions

Are you looking for a guide that lists down different ways you can cut your onions? We have just the thing for you. Some people think cutting onions pole-wise is the best method. We will leave the choice to you.

Method 1: Cut It Into Rings

If you are someone who uses onions for aesthetic appeal, this is probably the way to go. Onions cut in rings look nice and are ideal for plating purposes. Thin rings that sit well on top of a thick, juicy burger make for a great bite!

  1. Cut off both ends of the stem.
  2. Remove the skin. Make sure to remove the second layer if it looks wrinkly.
  3. Place the onion on a cutting board creates friction to not let the onion slip away.
  4. Slice the onion in the same position you used to slice off the stems.
  5. You can remove the rings or use the whole slice according to your preference.

Method 2: Cut It Into Strips

Cutting an onion into strips is much easier than cutting it into rings. This is because there are fewer chances your onion will slip out of your hand. Moreover, it is ideal for when you are adding it to a salad as a whole which will end up going on top of the burger.

Here’s the “strips” version of how to cut onions for burgers.

  1. Cut off the stems.
  2. Slice your onions in two halves and remove the skin.
  3. Cut the slices from stem to stem.
  4. Cut the slices up into halves if they seem too long.
  5. Separate them using your fingers.

Method 3: Dice It

Do you like your onions to be easy to handle?

Do you want to avoid maneuvering around the knife and accidentally cutting yourself?

Do you want an easy way out?

Not to worry!

You can use diced onions inside your burgers too!

All you need to do is mix them up in some form of sauce or sprinkle them on top of the patty. This is for people that do not like the intense taste of onion rings.

  1. Remove the stems.
  2. Cut the onion into two halves and remove the skin.
  3. Make two slices horizontally.
  4. Place the onion on the cutting board and carefully dice it up vertically until you reach the end.

Method 4: Slice It!

This method is more or less the same as the rings method. However, instead of cutting them up into rings, you need to slice the onions in a semicircle.

  1. Cut off your onion stems.
  2. Cut the onion into two halves and remove the skin.
  3. Start making slices from where you cut up the stem.

Voila! You have your slices!

Kinds of Onions You Can Use

Yellow Onions

Use this kind of onion for that crunch that you are looking for. This kind of onion tastes a little raw but is sweeter than its red counterpart. These onions can also be diced and put into the burger meat itself. They can even be caramelized and added in between the patty.

Red Onions

These are also great for that crunch but taste a little raw, so if you aren’t used to them, do not use them!

White Onion

You can use these in pickles. Just make sure to add them to the sauce or the salad that goes with the burger. They can even be presented on the side.


These can be used, yet again, in the burger meat. Think of them as onion babies; they are not big enough to be added between slices.

So, are you still searching up “how to cut onions for burgers?” You might be looking for an easier way. We have just the thing.

Tips That Help!

Here are some tips in case you are in a hurry or hate the kitchen.

  1. You can always get frozen vegetables. Frozen or pre-cut onion slices exist, and they are there to make your life better.
  2. A vegetable chopper is a lifesaver in situations where you have no time. The Dash Safe Slice Mandolineis a lifesaver. It quickly chops up your food for you so you don’t have to.
  3. Invest in a good food processor or blender.

Final Thoughts

Chopping your onions for your burgers is really up to you. All we can do is provide you with the tips and tricks you need to slice up onions for burgers.

How to cut onions for burgers?

Any way you want to! Pick a style that you are most comfortable with and stick to it. Impress your guests and treat them to a juicy, crunchy burger!